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Bringing nature into your space.

Family-run plant rental, & wholesale company. We bring you the best of nature's beauty so you can enjoy it anywhere, anytime— From event décor, to overall design, our team is here! 

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Plant Rental Service & Delivery 

Our team can help you elevate your next occasion. We have a wide range of plants from succulents to tropical, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs.

Retail & Wholesale 

Creating an inviting atmosphere from offices to outdoors. We can help you build an interior or exterior landscape with a vast array of plant options. Choosing the right indoor or outdoor plants is no longer a challenge when you work with us. Our plant services ensure you keep your environment looking fantastic with the healthy appeal plants provide. If you’re looking for an indoor or outdoor plant service, your search stops here.

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Improve air quality. 

Reduce stress. 

Improve your sense of well-being. 

Support cognitive health. 

Improve environmental wellness. 

A symbiotic relationship, adds color & texture to any decor.

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take a look at who we have worked with: 

We are proud to be featured in many major network television shows, magazines and movies. Check out some of our work down below.

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Amazon Photoshoot
Whole Foods PhotoShoot
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We're the plant people. We've been creating unique and beautiful plants since 1970, and we continue to develop new varieties that meet our high standards of beauty and quality. Browse our selection

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